You Have To Check Out The First Truly See-through Electric Fireplace

Interested in a new electric fireplace? Do you want just any fireplace, or are you in the market for an innovative solution to rejuvenate your living space? If so, then prepare to be amazed. Today’s technological advances have paved the way for the total reinvention of the humble electric fireplace. These days, this kind of energy system is streets ahead of the early models - those bygone days of shapeless plastic coal with a noisy whirring fake red light, and glowing metal bars of intense heat.

Both in efficiency and overall design, the new models could not be any more different to the old. And as a prime example, we’d like to introduce to you a fireplace that will enhance any room and create a gorgeous visual ambience for your home, even apart from being a very effective heating solution.

The brand name to look for is Clearion and the ‘clear’ relates to the mesmerising transparency of an electric fireplace that really is the first of its kind. It’s a see-through fireplace with optimum control, some pretty special design features, and the chance to solve your heating requirements in two rooms at once.

Whether you use a separate household plug or have it wired into the electrics in your house, this electric fireplace will revolutionise your heating. You can choose to mount it flush within a wall that separates two rooms so that both spaces are heated, and at different settings as required. Genius.

The Clearion electric fireplace is customisable, so you can create the look that works for you, whether that’s cutting-edge modernistic crystal embers or hand-painted logs, with embers made of topaz glass. Since you get both options as standard, you don’t have to decide now. Whichever you go for, the effect will enhance both rooms effortlessly.

A finalist in the 2017 Vest Awards, in the category for Hearth Electric, this fireplace has been officially recognised for its ingenuity and beautiful design. And it’s easy to see why. With an output that's sufficient in a space of up to 800sq ft, and a unit that fits snugly within an 8” wall, this is likely to be an increasingly popular choice for contemporary interior design. It’s controlled remotely and you can tailor every aspect of the fire, such as the colour of the flames, the height of the fire, and its speed of flickering - as well as the heat, of course. The LED changes colour and you have the choice of a steel surround or a plain black, whatever fits your decor.

Imagine coming home to a Clearion electric fire embedded seamlessly in the wall of your cosiest room, gently flickering with a real flame effect that warms your living space like an open fire but with none of the fuss and bother, in two rooms at once, each independently controllable. That’s what we’re talking about.

So if you’re interested in an electric fireplace that’s efficient, stunning, and will certainly be the talk of your visitors, consider the Clearion. Contact us if you’d like more information.

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