Benefits Of Gas Log Fires

Open log fires are a whole lifestyle choice. All that may be your cup of tea. If not, you should consider a gas log fire. Gas log fires are looking truly realistic these days. If you love the look of the traditional fireplace but you don’t want to put up with the downsides, contemporary gas models are designed to be really convincing, as well as convenient and effective sources of heat. You can choose the design, even down to the type of wood effect the log is made from. While that’s not true of absolutely every model on the market, by shopping around you can pick the perfect high-quality log effect gas fire that looks almost exactly like the real thing.

With a traditional open fire, there’s a lot of work involved that isn’t the case with gas. If that sounds like fun, then excellent. With the open fire version you have to collect logs or have them delivered on a regular basis, whereas with a gas log fire alternative, the logs are permanently in place. With real logs, you’ll need somewhere safe and sound to store them ready for use, and it needs to be somewhere dry, convenient and accessible. Not everyone has that kind of space available.

Gas fires only take up the space of the fire, which is great if you have a smaller home. Real logs may need chopping into size if you have a small fireplace or you want kindling. All this may keep you fit, but it might not be your very favourite way to spend an afternoon. Even after all that, you’ll have to transport each basketful of logs indoors, and afterwards, there’s all the cooled ash to sweep away and dispose of. Gas log fires might need the occasional dust to keep them looking at their best, but beyond that, they’re a breeze to operate.

The type of logs you choose for your gas fire matter beyond the aesthetics. Choose vented logs for bright yellow flames. But if you need even more heat from your gas log fire, go for vent-free logs. They generate a greater output of heat and keep you really toasty.

Everyone knows about the importance of considering the environmental aspects of your heating. The great thing is that gas is clean and avoids the level of emissions of coal or wood-burning log fires. As an eco-friendly choice, a gas log fire is a safe bet.

In terms of safety issues, you still want to keep a careful eye on your gas fire when it’s hot, as with any appliance. Small children and pets need a particular eye kept on them whenever you have a fire lit, whatever the fuel. But you won’t have spitting sparks or falling embers. With gas, a qualified and registered professional will be installing and maintaining your appliance, so you can rest easy knowing it’s safe to use and in good working order. An annual service during the warmer months will ensure you have your gas fire up and running exactly when you need it.

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