Autumn Home Decoration Ideas

Although we are sad to see the summer slowly slipping away, the turn of the weather means the start of a new season, and we have to admit, this is one of our favourites! Autumn is a time of change where the cold air makes its way in, but certainly doesn't dampen our spirits as we have our warming electric fires at hand to keep away the cold! If you’re excited for the new season and are thinking of giving your home a makeover, we’ve got a few home decoration tips that might help you out!

Autumn leaves hung on a string


The colours you choose for a room theme for this season will largely depend upon your own personal preferences, however, here are two of our favourites!

Tropical Greenery

The tropical theme has been everywhere this summer, and for those who sink into the winter blues quite quickly after it ends, this is a great way to brighten up your home. Take your pick from the plethora of tropical greens and yellows paired with minimalistic white spaces and accents of copper or gold for a truly Instagram worthy space.

Autumn Bliss

The classic colours of autumn compromise of deep yellows, reds, and browns, and these make for a very cosy home space. Use the yellow as an accent tone to brighten up your space and mix and match a range of tones to create depth throughout your home.


Accessories are a key part of re-decorating, whether it is a classic string of fairy lights delicately placed above the fire or around a mirror, or a cosy blanket lay on the sofa to add to the homely aspect. 

Soft Furnishings

In terms of soft furnishings, as mentioned, the colder seasons are all about comfort. Think a soft rug, a chunky knit blanket and cushions by the dozen! Autumn is somewhat of an effortless season, which means that it is easy to decorate for and the cushions can be haphazardly placed all around to create an inviting area for all the family.

Fresh Flowers & Plants

Sticking to the autumnal colour palette, why not fill your home with fresh flowers in orange and yellow hues? You can create a grand centrepiece for a specific room, or split up a large bunch into smaller sections and dot them around to bring the room together as a whole. 

Other Accessories

Autumn is certainly a time to bring out the candles and fairy lights to bring extra light in once the sun has set. This makes for a romantic atmosphere in the evenings and will be the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea and a film by the fire on a drizzly evening.

Creating Warmth

The best way to create warmth is naturally with that of a crackling fire, this works on both a psychological level and a materialistic level. Our gas an electric fires offer a fantastic alternative to traditional wood-burning fires which are easy to set up, maintain and efficient to run so you can enjoy the warmth in contentment. The lighting and furnishing tips above should also help you to create that warming cosy glow as the sunny weather starts to fade.

Top tips:

-       When decorating your home, opt for a neutral colour for the walls and key pieces of furniture, this means it will be easier to freshen up the room and make a change for the new season with soft furnishings and accessories.

-       Embrace the season for the most enjoyment, plan dinner parties and activities throughout to keep your spirits up and make the most of your beautifully decorated home.

-       Test out a little DIY. Why not paint some old jam jars in neutral colours for your flowers? Or make a garland or wreath with pinecones and autumn leaves?


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