Could Artificial Intelligence be the Future of Home Decoration?

Artificial intelligence seems to be creeping into all aspects of our lives, and as the innovation develops, it seems that we can do more that we ever thought possible. The most recent invention that looks to the future of AI is that of home decoration. Instead of hiring an interior designer, or spending hours browsing through catalogues, who not just hire an AI machine to do the hard work for you?

An AI robot deciding which electric fire you should buy

It is predicted that AI software will be worth around £60 billion by 2025, with the ability to do a whole host of things, from making a cup of coffee to building tools or even a house! It is said that by 2020, AI will have also revolutionised marketing, improving the customer experience and allowing companies to gather more detailed data to provide their consumers with the right products and services at the right time, and for the best price.

The home decoration program in question is that of the ‘Planner 5D’. This software is in the process of learning a wide manner of things about how room layouts work, from learning that a sofa is best placed facing the TV or electric fire, to finding out where a light source or window should best be placed to optimise light and finding complementary colour schemes. This will mean that redecorating your home will be easier than ever, and you (or your AI machine) should be able to source items to your exacting requirements in mere minutes.

The interior design AI machine is currently working on around 40 million real-life projects to learn the ropes. “All these projects offer an opportunity for AI to figure out the thinking process behind home design: How do people choose the place for their bed, lights, and so on. This thinking process will be learned by AI and optimised,” explained the company behind Planner 5D.

The introduction of AI interior designers would change the way our homes work, creating layouts that maximise light and space, and tailoring rooms to their specific needs. This puts the designing in your hands, with an expert at your disposal so that you can personalise your spaces more than ever before. This puts the power in your hands, however, we are unsure yet as to what cost this will have. For many, hiring an interior designer is quite out of the budget, but many are questioning how much it will cost to hire an AI machine, and whether it will be accessible to the mass markets.

Although the machine still has a long way to go, this is an exciting time where innovation is at the forefront of our industries, and we can’t wait to see how this develops along the way!

“Currently, only professional designers know design rules and techniques. Our vision is to empower everyone to become interior designers with an app that combines AI with virtual reality,” commented Alexey Sheremetyev, one of the co-founders of Planner 5D. “When we connect interior design techniques we AI, we hope to surpass an average interior designer who works using ‘cookie cutter’ design methods. Later on, we might even win some interior design contests.”

Would you hire an AI machine to redesign your home? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic!




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