How to take care of your gas fireplace

With good care and maintenance your gas fireplace can last for years to come. Since gas fireplaces don’t have to contend with the mess of wood and ash, they are much easier to maintain and clean. Below we have compiled our top tips for maintaining your fireplace.

Flueless gas fire air vent behind fire


WARNING: Always remember to turn off the gas valve before attempting to clean your fireplace.

Simply brushing and vacuuming the control compartment and the burner once or twice a year will ensure that it stays clean. If you have logs or coals in your gas fireplace, they can be fragile and easily damaged, so be sure to use a soft brush to clean them.

Sometimes the front glass can become cloudy, just clean it an approved glass solution or a clean cloth, with a drop of water, will do the trick. Spraying cleaner directly on the glass could cause a back spray, and it could land on other places which would cause corrosion.


Try to inspect your flueless gas fire air vent at least twice a year and look for signs of damage, obstruction or wear. The areas which are exposed to the elements should be inspected for rust, holes and streaks. If you do see any holes, stop using the fireplace immediately, and replace any of the affected components before using your fireplace again.

Check for water forming on the inner liner and dripping out of the of the joints. Condensation can corrode fittings, caps and pipes. Just check to see if everything is still fitted correctly and nothing has come loose.


If you have a brass or gold trim, this should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Using abrasive materials, chemical cleaners, or anything else may damage the finish. If there are any stubborn stains, do not be tempted to turn to hard cleaners; with a proper cleaning schedule, these will eventually disappear. 

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