5 Home improvement tips for 2017

When January arrives, it is time to pack away your Christmas decorations and start the new year with a fresh feeling. Your home might have become crowded over the festive season, with new toys and gizmos galore. However, January is the perfect time give your home some attention, and kick off 2017 properly. We’ve got 5 tips to get your home back to normal this January.

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1 – Tidy that clutter

December is the month where you seem to gather all sorts. With your household receiving new gifts, you may have accumulated too many bits and bobs.

The best way to declutter is to start in one room, comprehensively sort it out and move onto the next. We recommended creating piles and put each item into a “keep”, “chuck” or “donate” pile, so you can be organised and efficient with your mission. Remember, anything that still works and is in a good condition can be donated to a charity shop.

2 – Fix those cracks

Like any object, your home also gets some wear and tear. Cracks in your home can appear out of no-where, and sometimes they aren’t anything to be concerned about. Once you have spoken with a professional and you know that there isn’t a problem, it is time to get rid of them. You can fill them in then simply paint over them, you will be surprised how much better your walls look.

3 – Fireplace

Because the weather has been colder your fireplace has most probably been working overtime. If you have a gas fireplace, it is time to see if any gas burner parts need replacing. Give your fireplace a clean, and make sure it is in working order as the first few months of 2017 are bound to be chilly.

4 – Sort out your cupboards

Over the festive period we are all guilty of hoarding more food than we can eat. Tins and packets of food often get pushed to the back of your cupboards. It is time to sort through and chuck anything that is no longer needed. If anything is still in-date but you have no use for it, you can take it to your local foodbank.

5 – A Lick of Paint

You may have been staring at your neutral coloured walls for months, so it might be time for a fresh lick of paint. Winter is a great time to choose warmer tones for your walls; deep reds, purples, oranges and browns are some options to create a more inviting room.

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