10 Reasons To Buy An Electric Fire This Year

It’s time. The months have rolled by. You’ve started thinking about autumn. And you know the heating in your home needs upgrading. If that's you, you might want to think about going for an electric fire. So many reasons. Here are 10 to start you off.

One. Modern electric fires are lovely. They look nice. Your granny might have had one of those electric fireplaces with the glowing orange bars that were all the rage in the seventies, but contemporary electric fires are streets ahead in style and design. You’ll be buying a prized accessory for your home, and not just a heat source.

Two. Save time. Yes, really. You get all the heat you want at the basic flick of a switch. As soon as you turn on your electric fire, it’s keeping you warm. No waiting around for heat.

Three. Also on saving time. No stacking logs, no brushing the hearth, barely even a little dust with a soft cloth every other Sunday if it needs it. Electric fire owners have practically no maintenance to consider. Sounds good, doesn’t it.

Four. Efficiency. Because the heat is turned off and on as quickly as the switch is operated, you don’t lose money by excess fuel being wasted. The moment you notice the temperature in the room is warm enough, just turn it off without any extra cost. That’s different from, say, a solid fuel fire, where the logs will continue to burn until they are ash. You can’t so easily save the rest of a log for later.

Five. Convenience. Want to move your fire to another room? Ok. Unplug it and pick it up. Need to store it for a while? No problem. Choose a cupboard. Hoping to take it with you to Uni? Off it goes in the back of the car. Electric fires are perfect for renting and relocating.

Six. Versatility. If you want to transform a spare room into a visitor’s haven, an electric fire is your best bet. You could do it this afternoon at a push. In fact, you could do the same with a shed in the garden as long as you have a power supply. Take a cup of coffee outside, and a good book, and no-one need know you’re there until you’ve finished your chapter.

Seven. Control. The heat you want is always at your fingertips with an electric fire. Warm up your room, click. Boost it even higher, another click. Or turn it right down to a minimum, whatever you want. Click. No worries.

Eight. Ambience. Most electric fires can continue to give that gorgeous flame appearance even without the associated heat these days. That means you can enjoy a gentle flickering in your fireplace when you’re entertaining on a warm autumnal evening, without paying for any heat you don’t need.

Nine. Installation is as easy as anything. Order an electric fire today and as soon as it arrives you can set it in place and switch it on. Yourself! No need to book a professional, unless you want them to bury the power lead in the wall for you. Even then, it could be any competent electrician rather than a specialist heating engineer.

Ten. It’ll look like a real fire. Get an inset electric fire, and the effect will be stunning.

So there you are, ten great reasons to choose an electric fire.

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