Walther Victorian Cast Full Depth Convector Gas Fire

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  • 4.0kW Heat Output (Gross)
  • Open Fronted Gas Fire
  • 3 Year Guarantee
From £289.00
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Walther Full Depth Convector Inset Gas Fire

  • Full depth convector showcases beautiful flame picture 
  • Requires a min. fireplace depth of 250mm (+ 20mm debris collection) 
  • Instant 4.0kW heat output (Gross)
  • Open fronted for increased realism
  • OVERVIEW: Impressive full depth convector gas fire with fantastic flame picture designed for deep fireplace openings

The Walther is a full depth convector inset gas fire designed to fit homes with a larger class 1 or 2 pre-fabricated flue system (min. 127mm or 5" diameter) or conventional class 1 brick chimney. It features a clever heat exchanger that provides convected heat in addition to standard radiant heat. The full depth convector platform uses the same deep burner tray as its full depth radiant counterpart. This signifies that the Walther also produces a stunning flame picture and under bed glow from it's deep fuel bed. 

It is important to note that all this technology does come with a trade-off. Despite fitting most fireplace openings, typically 16" wide x 22" high (please refer to product specification - excludes low lintels) the Walther's full depth convector firebox is much larger than other models and requires a minimum of 250mm plus 20mm for debris collection. This can limit its options where installation is concerned and therefore it is important to check its compatibility with the destined fireplace opening.

The Walther is available with coal, pebble or log effect fuel bed, and can be specified in Manual Control (Rotary), Manual (Fingerslide) or Remote Control.

The Victorian Timeless frame is a premium solid cast design which takes its inspiration from the late Victorian period. The subtle ornate vertical fret bars and discrete finial detail exudes quality. The Victorian frame is available in two finishes: polished cast iron or black. The ashpan is a separate component which sits seamlessly within the cast frame and provides access, if applicable, to the controls (model dependent). The Victorian frame has been manufactured using traditional sand casting techniques therefore naturally, some minor imperfections such as pitting and black residual polishing marks may be visible. This is a direct result of the production and finishing process and is intentionally employed to achieve the authentic appearance. 

Please note the price is dependent upon the final configuration. Natural gas only.
This information is intended for guidance only. Superior Fires recommends booking a Home Survey to determine the actual chimney or flue specification.

More Information
Model Identifier Conventional Full Depth Inset Radiant Heater Gas Category/Pressure = I2H(20)
Heat Input Gross (High) 6.8kW
Heat Input Gross (Low) 3.5kW
Heat Output Gross (High) 4.0kW
Heat Output Gross (Low) 2.1kW
Direct Heat Output 3.2kW
Heat Type Radiant & Convected Heat
Chimney Flue Compatibility Pre-Fabricated - Class 2 (127mm/5" Diameter), Conventional Chimney - Class 1 (178mm/7" Diameter or Greater)
Control Ignition Battery-Free Piezo Spark Ignition (Manual - Rotary Control), Battery Spark Ignition (Manual - Fingerslide Control), Battery Spark Ignition (Remote Control)
Control Location Low Level - Front - Behind Ash Pan (Manual - Rotary Control), High Level - Right - Side (Manual - Fingerslide Control), Handset (Remote Control)
Air Vent Required Not Required
Manufacturer Guarantee 3 Years
Safety Features Flame & Oxygen Monitoring Device
Installation Requirement Gas Safe Registered Installer (Bord Gais - ROI)
Installation Information As with any open fire, a fire guard complying with BS 8423 must be used. Fire guards are intended to protect people from falling into a fire, prevent burns and reduce the risk of injury, particularly to young children and the infirm. In addition it is intended to reduce the risk of fire resulting from clothing and/or other flammable materials coming into contact with, or in proximity to, burning fuel and/or hot surfaces.
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Fire Type Open Fronted
Installation Type Inset
Engine Type Full Depth Convector
Width Outline A 480mm
Height Outline B 595mm
Depth Outline C 250mm
Rear Width Min D1 380mm
Rear Width Max D2 380mm
Rear Height E 545mm
Opening Width Min X1 380mm
Opening Width Max X2 450mm
Opening Height Min Y1 540mm
Opening Height Max Y2 575mm
Opening Depth Min Z 270mm
Packaging Width 575mm (Box 1) & 575mm (Box 2)
Packaging Height 670mm (Box 1) & 670mm (Box 2)
Packaging Depth 360mm (Box 1) & 265mm (Box 2)
Packaging Weight 22kg (Box 1) & 11.5kg (Box 2)
Rebate Depth 250mm
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