Amberley Flueless Gas Stove White

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  • Energy Efficiency Class A
  • 3.1kW Heat Output
  • Glass Fronted - High Efficiency

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Amberley White High Efficiency Flueless Gas Stove

  • Energy Efficiency Class A
  • Overall Dims (mm): Width 615 x Height 630 x Depth 385 (front of fascia to rear wall)
  • Variable Heat Output: 3.1kW (High) 1.5kW (Low)
  • No Chimney or Flue, or Hearth Required
  • Requires a 100cm² air vent
  • Designed for a min. room size of 35m³ (3.82m x 3.82m x 2.4m)
  • Please note a TV cannot be installed above this fire
  • OVERVIEW: Best newcomer - flueless gas stove

The Amberley flueless gas stove looks and feels like a real wood burner but doesn't haven’t any of the drawbacks of a solid fuel stove. Flueless gas stoves are the latest must-have in home decoration. Powerful, efficient and amazingly versatile heat. At last, a gas stove that is equally at home in urban city living as it is in rural country abodes. The Amberley doesn't require storage space for logs or cleaning out the ashes after use as there are none. The simplicity and controllability of gas at your fingertips provides a system that is far superior to operate and cleaner to maintain. The Amberley provides an extremely powerful heat output of 3.1kW, and is fully variable from low - 1.5kW.In addition to these benefits a flueless stove will be significantly cheaper to install and run.

Flueless gas stoves offer a number of installation possibilities. They can be installed without a hearth; against a flat wall, with a fireplace, or placed within a inglenook (consult instructions). They require a minimum room size of 35m³ (typically 3.82m x 3.82m with a 2.4m high ceiling) and 100cm² of purpose provided ventilation. 

The Amberley design features a beautiful arch door with lattice detail. It is made from solid cast iron and available in black or white powdercoat finish. And, finally to complement the overall aesthetic, a matching door handle and slide control handle is supplied finished in brushed stainless steel.

Flueless gas stoves offer the following benefits: 100% efficiency, reduced running costs, simplified installation and servicing. Incorporating the latest in gas fire technology flueless gas stoves do not need a chimney or flue to operate. Instead the combustion gases pass through a catalytic system positioned at the top of the appliance which converts carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour. Levels of which are so low they are typically present in fresh air. Our innovative technology provides a flexible design allowing you to install a fire not only in the living room but also dining room, office, or kitchen. Not suitable for bedrooms or bathrooms.  

The only points to consider when installing a flueless gas appliance are a minimum room size (see individual product specification), an accessible 8mm gas supply and the allowance of a 100cm² air vent to be installed in the room. TVs are not permitted to be installed above a flueless gas fire as a majority of the heat generated by the fire comes out of the top.

The Amberley is available in Manual control (Fingerslide) positioned on the front face for easy accessibility. There is no requirement for mains power supply but a battery is required for ignition (supplied). To light the stove simply slide the lever to the left and then once the pilot is lit, slowly move the lever to the right to vary from low through to high setting. To turn the fire off simply slide the level all the way to the right.

Please note the price is dependent upon the final configuration. This information is intended for guidance only. Superior Fires recommends booking a Home Survey to determine suitability.

More Information
Model Identifier L35 Flueless Gas Stove Gas Category/Pressure = I2H(20)
Heat Input Gross (High) 3.1kW
Heat Input Gross (Low) 1.5kW
Heat Output Gross (High) 3.1kW
Heat Output Gross (Low) 1.5kW
Energy Efficiency Class A
Direct Heat Output 2.8kW
Heat Type Radiant Heat
Chimney Flue Compatibility No Chimney or Flue Required
Control Ignition Battery Spark Ignition (Manual - Fingerslide Control)
Control Location Low Level - Front (Manual - Fingerslide)
Air Vent Required 100cm² Air Vent
Engine Model Flueless S35
Manufacturer Guarantee 3 Years
Min. Room Size Required 35m³
Safety Features Flame & Oxygen Monitoring Device
Installation Requirement Gas Safe Registered Installer (Bord Gais - ROI)
Installation Information As with any open fire, a fire guard complying with BS 8423 must be used. Fire guards are intended to protect people from falling into a fire, prevent burns and reduce the risk of injury, particularly to young children and the infirm. In addition it is intended to reduce the risk of fire resulting from clothing and/or other flammable materials coming into contact with, or in proximity to, burning fuel and/or hot surfaces.
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Fire Type Glass Fronted - High Efficiency
Installation Type Freestanding
Engine Type Flueless
Width Outline A 615mm
Height Outline B 630mm
Depth Outline C 385mm
Rear Width Min D1 Not Applicable
Rear Height E Not Applicable
Packaging Width 725mm
Packaging Height 715mm
Packaging Depth 525mm
Packaging Weight 45.0kg
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