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Are Electric Fireplaces Energy Efficient

Posted on 15/4/19 9:40 am By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

Cutting to the chase - yes. Next? The thing is, when you switch off your electric fire, the heat stops straight away. You can’t get much more fuel efficient than that. There’s no waste of energy, like waiting for the fire to die down (as with solid fuel), or in other words, no waiting for the units you’ve just bought and thrown onto the hearth to finish what they started. Instead, you turn the electric on, and you have the heat right then and there. Turn them off and it stops. Electric fires don’t need to be told twice.

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Fireplace or Stove. Which One Should You Buy?

Posted on 19/11/18 10:31 am By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

With winter on its way, the thought of curling up in front of a fire is very tempting isn't it. You might be thinking of updating your current heating solution or installing a brand new fireplace for the first time. So what should you choose - an open fireplace or a stove? Let’s consider the options.

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The Main Advantages Of Buying An Electric Fire

Posted on 5/11/18 9:48 am By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

When it comes to buying a new fire for your home, there are so many options you could consider it’s worth thinking carefully about your needs. The solution that’s best for your home may be one you hadn’t thought of. Take electric fires for example. Depending on your circumstances you may well find electric fires have advantages that outweigh the downsides. 

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose An Electric Fire this autumn

Posted on 29/10/18 4:06 pm By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

With autumn drawing in, everyone’s thinking about their heating. Having the right fireplace is going to mean the difference between enjoying those frosty months in the comfort of your own home, and wishing them away as you long for the sun. If you’re wondering how to boost your heating in a quick, easy and effective way, we’d recommend choosing an electric fire. Here’s why.

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How To Clean Your Electric Fire

Posted on 17/9/18 1:23 pm By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

New seasons are a great time for a clean, even if it isn’t the springtime. If it’s feeling like the right time for you to spruce up your electric fire, here’s a quick guide to doing that safely and thoroughly. Maintaining your heating appliance is going to ensure you can continue using it fully for its whole lifespan, so this is a job worth doing.

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Signs It's Time For A New Fireplace

Posted on 27/8/18 3:25 pm By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

Getting a new fireplace is potentially the wisest move you’ll have made all year! It might not be on your mind yet, but come winter, you’ll be looking back to this beautiful summer sunshine and wishing you and your loved ones could be toasting your toes in the cosy indoors whatever the weather outside.

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How To Choose The Right Fireplace To Suit Your Living Room

Posted on 20/8/18 3:22 pm By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

Everyone wants a beautiful fireplace to come home to in the autumn and winter. There are all kinds of fireplace available, but in our opinion, there’s little to beat the combined convenience, efficiency and look of gas fires. But how do you pick the right one for your room? Let’s look at some of the main things to consider.

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Yes, You Really Do Need An Electric Fire...Here's Why

Posted on 13/8/18 3:18 pm By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

Have you considered an electric fire for your home? No? Perhaps that’s because in the past they had a definite retro look and feel to them. Remember those red-hot bars that glowed intensely if they were on, and burned anyone who got too close? Not exactly the kind of thing you want, to rejuvenate your tired living room. But nowadays the humble electric fire is a thing of beauty. What’s more, it’s convenient, efficient and powerful as a heating solution for your home. It’s definitely an option to consider.

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The joy of electric heaters is not hard to understand. They’re really simple to operate, very easy to maintain, and convenient for regular use as well as emergencies. Basically, when it comes to electric heaters, what’s not to love! In the right location, the humble electric heater comes into its own, and you’ll wonder how you managed without it. So let’s have a look at some things to consider when you’re buying one of the latest generations of electric heaters.

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Gas and Electric Fires: How Fake Will You Go?

Posted on 5/3/18 10:12 am By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

We all have a soft spot for the real log fire. The ambience is unbeatable, it sets the scene for family gatherings, great conversation and generally welcome warmth in the home when it’s frosty outside. But we all know that it takes a bit of maintenance to keep that fire looking its best, leaving a gas or electric fire as a convenient alternative for those whose lives are busier and who prefer quick and easy over the hands-on experience of stacking logs and fanning flames.

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