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How safe is your fireplace? If you’re in need of some safety tips to ensure you have all the advantages of a fireplace with minimal risk, here are some pointers for electric, wood and gas fires. Each has its own requirements for maintenance and upkeep, and for ensuring that your family and friends stay safe as well as cosy.

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Modern electric fires come in a variety of looks, but log effect electric fires are especially popular. It’s not surprising. They look and feel almost like the real thing, but it's the convenience factor that makes it perfect. 

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Different Types Of Electric Fires Explained

Posted on 3/6/19 3:16 pm By Grace Adams | 0 Comments

When you’re looking for a new electric fire, you’ll probably find there’s more choice on the market than you realise. Electric fires come in all shapes and sizes, and wall mounted electric fires have further increased the scope of what you can achieve with your interior home decor. So let’s have a look at the different types of electric fires, and how to tell the difference between them.

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Seriously. What is not to love about wall mounted electric fires? In the right place, the benefits are pretty much endless. You can transform a little room and make it look like a little palace without it costing the earth and with very little cost for initial installation. 


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When anyone comes to visit your home what can they learn about you from your fireplace? 

Your whole house can tell people a lot about who you are, whether that's because you have a love for hospitality and baking, a preference for shocking pink furniture, or a world-class collection of Beatles memorabilia that's encroaching over spare space! But let's talk specifically more on fireplaces. What does the style of your household heating say about who you are? 

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Choosing The Right Fireplace Surround

Posted on 29/4/19 11:03 am By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

Which fireplace surround is going to suit your home? The way it looks is obviously a massive consideration, but the style of the surround itself is not the only thing to bear in mind.

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How To Install An Electric Wall Fireplace In Just 5 Steps

Posted on 22/4/19 10:29 am By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

So just how many steps do you think it takes to install an electric wall fireplace? Did you guess five? Then you’d be right! And we’re not talking about the old fashioned versions with the lethal glowing orange bars and the obviously fake molded coal feature that lights up like a 1970s Christmas decoration. No, these days electric wall fireplaces are sophisticated and chic - right from the budget models through to the luxury looks. What's more, with the contemporary designs of appliances these days streamlined to make installation easy and straightforward, fitting of electric wall fires is much simpler than it sounds and well worth the effort. Here are the five steps to get you on your way.

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Are Electric Fireplaces Energy Efficient

Posted on 15/4/19 9:40 am By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

Cutting to the chase - yes. Next? The thing is, when you switch off your electric fire, the heat stops straight away. You can’t get much more fuel efficient than that. There’s no waste of energy, like waiting for the fire to die down (as with solid fuel), or in other words, no waiting for the units you’ve just bought and thrown onto the hearth to finish what they started. Instead, you turn the electric on, and you have the heat right then and there. Turn them off and it stops. Electric fires don’t need to be told twice.

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Fireplace or Stove. Which One Should You Buy?

Posted on 19/11/18 10:31 am By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

With winter on its way, the thought of curling up in front of a fire is very tempting isn't it. You might be thinking of updating your current heating solution or installing a brand new fireplace for the first time. So what should you choose - an open fireplace or a stove? Let’s consider the options.

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The Main Advantages Of Buying An Electric Fire

Posted on 5/11/18 9:48 am By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

When it comes to buying a new fire for your home, there are so many options you could consider it’s worth thinking carefully about your needs. The solution that’s best for your home may be one you hadn’t thought of. Take electric fires for example. Depending on your circumstances you may well find electric fires have advantages that outweigh the downsides. 

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